May 2020

Fragrances - Closures for 4711‘s 8ml bottles developed and produced by AWANTYS

AWANTYS Group has developed and produced the closures for Mäurer & Wirtz‘s 4711 8ml fragrances. The caps are made of two pieces, come with a logo on top and are metallized on the outside.



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Skin care - Refill airless bottles

AWANTYS Group offers a standardized refillable airless bottle in 20, 30 and 50ml capacities. The double-walled design allows a premium appearance that can be further enhanced by the various decoration technologies which are available.Beyond, consumers have praised the refill mechanism’s high ease of use.


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COVID-19 - Hand cleansing gels with 70% alcohol produced and filled in the E.U.

The hand cleansing gel comes in PET bottles with 60ml and 500ml capacity. While the former is equipped with a flip-top closure, the latter has a push-pull cap. Labels are available in various languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and others.The product is registered in the Cosmetics Product Notification Portal (CPNP) according to directive (EU) 1223/2009.

COVID-19 – Disposable surgical masks

The surgical masks comply with EN14683 (Class 1) and is CE-labelled. Beyond the manufacturer‘s declaration of conformity, also a European institute has certified the masks‘ compliance with E.U. Regulations. On top, the manufacturer is listed on the ‘White List’ for exporters of medical equipment published by China’s ministry of commerce. Please reach out to us for prices, quantities and delivery times.

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