Perfume packaging

AWALYA is a long-standing supplier for high quality perfume packaging with a distinct sales focus in Europe. We provide a wide range of perfume bottles, perfume caps & shoulders as well as perfume pumps & collars at competitive price levels and attractive minimum order quantities. Being part of AWANTYS Group, AWALYA – unlike traders – can leverage an own R&D department and tech lab to ensure a consistently high quality and to realize also individual client wishes if required.
Surface finishings: Depending on the packaging item at hand, AWALYA can offer surface finishings such as (i) (UV) varnishing, (ii) (UV) metallization, (iii) anodization and (iv) sputtering.
Decorations: Depending on the packaging item at hand, decorations include but are not limited to (a) digital printing, (b) silk-screen printing, (c) tampon printing, (d) hot foil stamping, (e) decalcomania or (f) manual paintings
If you cannot find the perfume packaging item you are looking for or would like to know more about our perfume packaging portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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