AWALYA EOOD was founded in 2011 as part of the German AWANTYS Group whose headquarters is based in Cologne.
While AWANTYS develops and produces customer specific designs of primary packaging components for the cosmetics industry, AWALYA has a distinct focus on developing and sourcing standardized packaging components for (1) skin care, (2) decorative cosmetics and (3) fragrances . Beyond, AWALYA also offers the innovation portfolio developed by AWANTYS.
Since 2011, AWALYA has realized numerous projects for well known brands . As result of its consistent focus on both product and service quality, AWALYA has been able to build a strong base of regular customers.

Our know-how

We are continuously expanding our product portfolio by building our own molds as well as using existing ones from Eastern Europe and Asia. Thereby, our long standing supplier pool allows us to offer a wide range of surface coatings and decoration technologies to customize your individual packaging.

Unlike traders, AWALYA can leverage the R&D department of AWANTYS Group based in Germany to also realize custom made packaging designs for you. Beyond, it has access to the laboratory of AWANTYS‘ R&D department to conduct all necessary quality checks of your finished goods in house.

AWALYA offers primary packaging for cosmetics in three areas of use:


The quality policy of AWALYA is determined and actively enforced by its top management. It is binding for all departments. Each employee is continuously reminded of the quality policy and obliged to follow it in his daily work.

We aim to establish long term supplier partnerships, to guarantee an excellent quality and service level to our clients.

Beyond state of the art methods processes and infrastructure guarantee both innovative and high quality products. All stages of the product development process are carefully planned and executed in accordance with legal standards and guidelines. This applies to AWALYA as well as to its suppliers